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North Sea to the East, features Kay's latest collaboration with the Poet John Powls.

Kay is delighted to have had the chance to make new paintings and drawings, directly inspired by John’s work, which are included in a new book of his sublime poetry set around his childhood hometown of Middlesbrough and the evocative North Yorkshire landscapes of his boyhood:

North Sea to the East

Copyright 2020 John Powls

Published by Halstar Ltd

ISBN 978 1 906690 73 1

North Sea to the East | Promiseland Poetry

Fond memories of family holidays in North Yorkshire helped inform Kay’s responses to John’s poems ‘Harvest Perspectives’ and ‘In Sea’. The moods of the sea and coast evoked by John’s poetry gave rise to a whole series of paintings of Kettleness Scar, which ensued unstopped, along with memories of the enthralling colours and ‘sea light’ viewed with the fresh eyes of a child. What a treat to be transported back there through the poems!

Kay is very proud to have 17 of her works included in this beautiful book.

Kettleness Scar VII

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